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What people are saying about Mike's Cards:

    5 cows!
    "Head of the Herd" for the week of  June 6-12, 2000
        -> "No date for tonight? This may be the second best time you could have."

    "An awesome collection of card games with many options."
    "This game is so cool!"
    "This game is fun for all!"

Version Tracker User Reviews:
    JasCat - 5 stars
        "...it beats all other card games on the Mac HANDS DOWN!"
        "Keep up the good work. This one is a keeper and top of the line in my book! Excellent!"
    Seedman - 5 stars
        "It's about time!!! This is the solitaire game the Mac has always deserved."
    Anonymous - 5 stars
        "Would highly recommend it. "
    Surfin' Gramma  - 5 stars
        "Mike: Your Mike's Cards just gets better and better"
        "Thanx for hours and hours of fun."
    Laurion - 5 stars
        "Absolutely amazing, and I love the add-in card designs."
        "Well worth the investment"
        "Man, there goes all my free-time... <grin>"
    Redhead - 5 stars
        "Excellent program!"
    GRJason - 5 stars
        "Excellent game! Best Ive seen."
    zeno - 5 stars
        "An absolutely incredible set of card games."
        "far superior to anything else available."
        "The degree of customization possible is amazing."
        "I've tried most Mac card games that have come out since 1985, and this is the first
          one that actually left me with my mouth hanging open the first time I played it!"
        "If you like cards, give this one a try. You won't regret it."
        "This is the game I've been waiting for for years."
    Anonymous - 5 stars
    crazer^ - 5 stars
        "Man...this program rocks"
    Faust - 5 stars
        "Simply put, Mike's Cards is the best card game suite out on the market today.
          If you don't trust me, at least give it a download.
          It's free to try, and I guarantee you'll enjoy the game.
          I know I have for many hours in the past and even more in the future."
    Anonymous - 5 stars
        "Simply outstanding. I'm so pleased I was able to configure it to play the version of
          Solitaire my dad taught me many moons ago. I hadn't found it included in any
          program anywhere. The included games will keep you busy for many hours!
          Hope you don't have work to do."
    Dr. Herwig Henseler - 5 stars
        "GREAT game!"
        "The last card game you will ever try."
    Surfin' Gramma - 5 stars
        "Mike's Cards is our favourite Solitaire software."
        "Clear instructions and a joy to use."

CNET download.com User Reviews:
        "Great, w/ lots of games"
        "More games of solitare than anyone's ever heard of"
        "one of the best"
        "Have played many of the other card games. But this one is the top."

    "Pick for the Week" of May 24th - 30th, 2000

Customer Feedback (names withheld for privacy)
    "You have the best solitaire games I've ever found.
          Thanks for all the time and effort you've put into them! :)
          I couldn't unwind from a hard day without them."
    "Cool Cards and a joy to play with keep up the good work"
    "Great stuff, Mike!!"
    "thanks - lotsa fun esp w the animations"
    "This makes solitare such fun"
    "Thanks! Great game... especially the large cards!"
    "best games i have found thanks"
    "Easily the best solitaire package out there for either PC or Mac. Thanks!"
    "it has to be the most spectacular solitaire game I've ever come across."
    "worth every penny"
    "I have been waiting over 2 years fot this type of card  games for the mac."
    "Mike's Cards is one of those pieces of software I knew immediately that I had to buy."
    "You have put together a great encyclopedia of solitaire games!"
    "It's the most realistic and flexible solitaire around"
    "I'm still absolutely in love with it."
    "I downloaded Mike's cards and the game looks magnifique"
    "I have downloaded and registered for your solitaire games and I love them."
    "an extremely well done game"
    "great game and graphics"
    "This is a really good card game."
    "I love the games."
    "Thanks for a great product. I've created my own game, and it's the first time
          I've ever been able to play it on a computer!"
    "I love the quality of your cards!"
    "I have been playing your card game for several weeks.  Great job!!!
          I am fussy about how card games play.  I really enjoy yours"
    "excellent collection of card games"
    "I love 'Mike's Cards'. Thanks"
    "Excellent game!"
    "A great game! Thanks"
    ""Mike's Solitaire" is what I've been waiting for!"
    "I love it!! What a great bunch of games."

And here's a nice review by Nicholas Pyers for AUSOM in Australia


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