Mike's Arcade for

  Windows, Mac OS, OS X

Mike's Cards for

  Mac OS, OS X

Mike's Marbles for

  Windows, Mac OS, OS X

Download all of Mike's games and enjoy the free demo modes!
If you like all three of Mike's Games and would like to register, then choose
"Mike's 3-Pack" when you register to unlock all three games for the price of two!


Mike's F.A.Q.


Q: I purchased your product, and recieved confirmation, but I am still waiting
    for my registration number:
A: The e-mail response you recieved from Kagi named "Thanks for you payment"
    contains your registration number. Look further down in the e-mail and you
    will find it.

Q: I already purchased your product, but now I need my registration again.
A: Kagi is the company that took your order. They keep a record of all
    purchases. You can get back your original purchase response, which
    includes your registration number, at: http://info.kagi.com

Q: When I try to play a game, all I see is a blank background, and no cards
A: Yes, this was a bug that sometimes happened in versions prior to v1.8.1.
    You can fix this by downloading the newest version,

Q: All of the playable cards are getting dimmed, why?
A: You likely have the caps-lock key turned on. This is a feature to show you
    playable cards, as is holding the shift key. Simply turn off the caps-lock.

Q: I don't like the game playing cards automatically to the foundation for me.
    Can't I stop this from happening?
A: Yes. Turn off the "Autoplay" option in the "File/Preferences" sub-menu.

Q: Sometimes a column of cards gets so large that I can't see the cards very
    well because they overlap so tightly. Any suggestions?
A: The game window is resizable. If you resize it to be taller (and narrower),
    you can create more room at the bottom so that the cards won't have to
    overlap so tightly.
    Also, if you just want to see a particular card, you can pick up the cards
    above it by clicking on the card above the one you wish to see.

Q: I have the newest version, but there is still some problem, like a blank
    background, the program freezes or quits, etc.
A: If there is still a problem, these kinds of things can be fixed by trashing the
    preferences file. It is named "Mike's Cards Prefs". You can use "File/Find" from
    the Finder menu to locate it. If you are registered, the program will ask for your
    registration again, so be sure you have your registration number handy.

    If things still don't work, then trash the preferences file again, and also trash the
    entire "Mike's Cards" folder. Then start from scratch and download the full
    install from this web site.
Q: This FAQ does not help me, or, I wish to report a problem. How can I contact
A: You can find the e-mail address to contact me directly in the "Read Me" file
    that came with the product.