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Mike's Arcade for

  Windows, Mac OS, OS X

Mike's Cards for

  Mac OS, OS X

Mike's Marbles for

  Windows, Mac OS, OS X

Download all of Mike's games and enjoy the free demo modes!
If you like all three of Mike's Games and would like to register, then choose
"Mike's 3-Pack" when you register to unlock all three games for the price of two!

Download Mike's Arcade and try the free demo mode

  Download Mike's Arcade 1.0.1 for Windows
(runs in Windows 95 or higher)

  Download Mike's Arcade 1.1 for Macintosh
(runs in Mac OS X 10.2 or higher)

Register Mike's Arcade
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The Mac version runs on both PPC and Intel Macs

Mike's Arcade Features:

- Several games inspired by classic arcade gaming
- Large detailed graphics
- Resizable window and full screen mode
- Simple graphic interface
- Simple game controls: directional controls and one action button

Mike's Arcade  Copyright (c) 2003-7 Mike Sedore. All rights reserved.
Mike's Arcade and the Mike's Arcade logo are trademarks of Mike Sedore.

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